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John and Mark - John and Marks Childrens Record LP (#040109)
John and Mark
Track Listing:

01. The Lawnmower
02. A Counting Error
03. Pat, the Alligator Lady
04. The Elephant Leads the Way
05. People Have Good Reasons
06. Piggy Back Ride
07. Honey Boots
08. Colors
09. Hum Drum Bumblebee
10. Until the Dawn
11. In My Blue House

John and Marks Childrens Record:

The joys and rigors of parenting are given musical life thanks to Chicago musicians JOHN UPCHURCH (The Coctails, The Rachels, Dianogah) and MARK GREENBERG (The Coctails, Eleventh Dream Day, Archer Prewitt). The two plowed late night feedings and the ridiculously wild imaginations of their own kids to create a charming and glee-filled sing-a-long collection, simply titled JOHN AND MARK‘S CHILDREN‘S RECORD.

With six kids between them (ages 2 to 13), JOHN and MARK discovered a musical goldmine in fatherhood. ìIt helped to have little kids,î says JOHN, ìas I would spend so much time singing them to sleep and making up stuff based on weird things theyíd say.î ìOur kids laugh and fall over almost peeing in their pants at very silly stuff" says MARK. "Plus," adds JOHN, ìyou have a lot of time to work on these things when youíre up in the middle of the night trying to calm a child. Itís one of the things that keeps you alert and sane.î

Who needs sanity when JOHN AND MARK‘S CHILDREN‘S RECORD is full of deliriously happy songs? Thereís ìPat, the Alligator Ladyî, a jaunty tale of a neighbor‘s zoo-like fondness for animals (true story!), ìThe Lawnmowerî, an ode to the chore of ìcut, cut, cut, cuttiníî the grass and ìPiggy Back Rideî, a folksy joy ride in under two minutes to avoid inevitable back pain.

JOHN and MARK‘S CHILDREN‘S RECORD is a brilliant collection that belongs in every family‘s music libraryÖnestled between ìFree To Be You and Meî and Sesame Street‘sô Joe Raposo!

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